International Education Checklist – our top ten key performance areas PART TWO

This is PART TWO of my TOP TEN key performance areas that you need to know!

This article is part two of my ‘top ten key performance areas’ series (if you missed part one, you can catch it here). This two-part series explains why you need to be conducting regular health checks on your school’s international education program and introduces you to my ‘top ten key performance areas’ across the four pillars of a successful international education program – Student Experience, Marketing, Compliance and Administration and, finally, Budget and Profitability. I covered pillars one and two (Student Experience and Marketing) in part one – today I’ll build on those two pillars to include pillars three and four: Compliance and Administration and, finally, Budget and Profitability.

Section three: Compliance and Administration

6. Government compliance

◾ Is your government compliance in order?
◾ Would your international education programs survive a government compliance audit at this point in time?

7. Must-have document templates

◾ Do you have your suite of must-have document templates ready to go?
◾ If you’re not sure what you need to include in your suite of must-have document templates, send me an email and I’ll get right back to you.

8. Agent management

◾ Are you managing your international education agents or are they managing you?
◾ Do you have effective agent management processes in place?


Section four: Budget and Profitability

9. Budget

◾ Have your projected your revenue and expenses for the next 12 months?
◾ Have you accounted for peak and trough activity during this time?

10. Profit

◾ Does your budget indicate that your school’s international program will generate a profit for your school over the next 12 months?
◾ If not, how can you tweak your revenue and expenses to ensure your program is profitable?
◾ Last year, one of our clients made over $100 000 profit from one international marketing event with us. See how we did it in this international education case study.


You can download and print my top-ten international education checklist to get started with your school’s first international education health check today. The old management saying ‘what gets measured gets managed’ is true – and by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your school’s international education program you’ll be better placed to play to your strengths while working on those areas that need some improvement.

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