Student Testimonials

Just wanted to let you know that we had a great day yesterday. Everyone seemed happy, and I am sure they all slept well last night after such an action packed day. The girls were delightful, and the teachers and Misato (AIST Japanese support Staff) all lovely.
There was an impromptu “dance-off” in the afternoon class – all of the girls, from our school and the Japanese school, had so much fun. (Ms Uhlmann, February 2019)


I’m really enjoying this period in Melbourne. My English is improving and I’m doing my best to have good marks. All my teachers and school collaborators are really available and kind, I appreciated that the school gave us (me and both Lorenzos) the opportunity to go on Sydney.  Thank you, Valerio (June 2018)


I had a great time in Australia. It made me stronger and improved my English skill. And I got a lot of good friends and helpful teachers in my school. They are really kind and helped me a lot. I am glad that I could come to the school and stay with them. I hope I can come back to Australia again.  Tomoka (March 2017)


We have just arrived at Narita Airport.  This program was amazingly great to us! We really really appreciate it. Most of the Bunkyo girls are poor at English, however a large number of students say"By the next time I will come here, I never fail to come to speak English!" Through the exchange sports program and home stay, our students rocketed up their desire to communicate each other.  I am sure the sports is the best commutation tool to connect people from different countries. Thank you for creating svch a impressive and exiting program!  We are looking forward to seeing you in May, Toko (March 2017)


Australia is a very good place in the world.  My host family is kind and friendly.  I'm very happy to stay there.  I'm sad that I don't have a lot of time left to spend with my host family.  I will miss them a lot when I am back home.     Nana (August 2016)


In a few days, I have  to go back to Japan.  I don't want to go back because students of St. Hildas are very kind and friendly to me.  My host family is also very nice and sweet.    I love them very much.  I really appreciate their warm welcome.   Ayano (August 2016)